AGG History

A lifelong-learner, Dr. Shanelle R. Benson Reid has over 30 years of community service knowledge that highlights the significance of educating the whole child, 20 years of K-12 teaching, training, and coaching experience and over 15 years of diversity, equity and inclusion, consulting, and academic research experience. Dr. Benson Reid created ACCESS Global Group (AGG) because she saw the need for cultural competency, social awareness and equity in education in her career as a teacher.

ACCESS Global Group is based on a 400-page educational dissertation that emphasizes the importance ofempowering students, building authentic relationships, and encouraging community involvement; in all aspects of education. In the study, Dr. Shanelle analyzed the historic role of U.S. teachers within moments of great transition in communities of color, high financial need and mixed immigration and citizen status, and found that the most effective educators served multiple social and emotional development roles to teach high expectations across differences and difficult circumstances. The key roles and skill set she identified from these culturally effective teachers have become AGG’s educator professional development method of C.A.R.D.S.: counselor, advocate, role models, disciplinarian, and surrogate parent. C.A.R.D.S. has been adapted into a system survey, teaching presentations, and lecture series and has been used with education administrators, teachers, and learning liaisons across the country.

AGG addresses organizational needs and develops educators by creating professional development opportunities, conducting innovative and relevant workshops, and providing consulting assistance to all members of the academic community. Our program is designed to help organizations achieve academic excellence by evaluating and assessing needs, fostering supportive relationship by utilizing local resources and implementing strategies for sustained success. AGG is unique because we focus on the needs of students, families, and communities, as well as the organization and expect all members of the academic team to participate in the growth and improvement process.

AGG team members have a strong educational background with experience in community leadership and a dedication to youth services. The ability to teach from and communicate through difficult, lived experiences is a skill that we strive to nurture with intention and within community over time. All members of the AGG team and subcontractors believe and serve from the following core values:



Dr. Shanelle R. Benson Reid

President / CEO

Dr. Shanelle Benson Reid is a multi-faceted leader, entrepreneur, educator, mother and wife. She has more than 25 years of teaching experience in California and New York, and truly believes in the power of education to transform lives and build bridges where walls and schisms previously existed.

Dr. Shanelle launched ACCESS Global Group in 2010, shortly after earning her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, to advocate for community equity and help leaders in different industries learn the skills and frameworks necessary to build diversely empowering and community sustaining relationships and environments. Dr. Shanelle’s approach to coaching is cumulative and focuses on using lived experiences as sources of knowledge and strength.

As President and CEO of the ACCESS Global Group, Dr. Shanelle has grown her advocacy for children, families, and underserved communities as a consultant, coach, author, professional speaker, political candidate, and entrepreneur. During the last decade, Dr. Shanelle has successfully coached and worked with leaders in education, non-profits, commercial and private industries on cultural competency, social awareness and community building to diversify their programming, workforce, and supply chain using her own trauma informed, person specific skill building methods.

A strong advocate for restorative and healing practices, Dr. Shanelle became a certified yoga instructor and created a holistic healing brand. Using her own leadership coaching methods at home, Dr. Shanelle, has partnered with her husband, Mr. Todd R. Reid to establish ACCESS Dental Laboratories, the first Black owned, full-service dental laboratory, located on the Southside of Syracuse, NY. ACCESS Dental is a local community employer that specializes in the design of crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, mouth guards, implants, and veneers and provides inexperienced community members with the hard and soft skill trainings necessary to succeed at ACCESS Dental and beyond.

Dr. Shanelle boasts expertise in Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Cultural Competency, Social Awareness, Equity Building, and Community and Individual Empowerment and has spent her adult life encouraging others, cultivating relationships, and advocating for the underserved. As the leader of ACCESS Global Group, she believes every experience matters so AGG focuses on improving relationships and organization practices to enhance the experiences for all.