Diversity and inclusivity are vital to establishing a thriving workplace, especially when it comes to employee engagement and group dynamics. Furthermore, creating an equitable environment cultivates creativity and innovation because team members, from executives to employees bring a variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to the organization. However, environments that embrace diversity, inclusion and equity require comprehensive training and persistent adaptability and we are here to help.

Section 1: Data Collection

Observation Checklists

  • Mission and Vision
  • Environment
  • Employees
  • Managers / Supervisors 
  • Directors
  • Leadership
  • Group Dynamics
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Summary

Section 2: Evaluations


  • Introductory Information
  • Environmental Expectations and Analysis
  • Perceptions and Performance Questionnaire

Section 3: Professional Development

Workshop Series

  • Introduction
  • Research 
  • The CLEAN Method
  • Best Practices 
  • Scenarios